Honeymoon Pool, Collie

A tent, the outdoors and the fresh air. There’s something simply magical about camping. A few weeks ago, some friends and I decided to camp at the gorgeous Honeymoon Pool in Collie, Western Australia. Having seen many Instagram posts and tags of this location, I was really intrigued to go and check out this place too.

We drove down on a really cold winter’s day, which probably wasn’t the best idea but it was fun nevertheless. Upon arrival, we set up camp which seemed harder than we had anticipated. After all the hard work, we went and explored the beautiful pool, went for a walk and flew the drone around; which is always so exciting being able to see the location from the drone’s aerial view.

As for the rest of the evening we cooked dinner over the barbecue and sat around the fire with a nice glass of wine, or maybe a couple. We talked and laughed and it was simply relaxing just being out in the open and fresh air of the South.

I would highly recommend going and checking out honeymoon pool, where so much natural beauty is hidden in the forest of Wellington National Park, including this cute little camping spot.

There’s something lovely about being disconnected from technology and other worries and just being able to spend some quality time in such a beautiful place.