Lesmurdie Waterfall

Yesterday I went to this incredible water fall with Adrian. We had been wanting to go for so long and all of a sudden we just decided to go. Sometimes its the spontaneous little adventures that are the most fun. The weather was incredibly perfect and it was so nice to be outside. We saw the cutest little numbat as well, which i had never seen in the wild before.



There were little creeks and flowing rivers on the trail to the waterfall and we saw so many birds and pretty flowers.

The trail to the waterfall was so nice.


 After the winter rain, there was so much water, and it was surprisingly loud! So worth the trip to the waterfall.


 So many pretty trees everywhere. Loved the nature. There’s an amazing view of the city from the top of the waterfall too.


There’s lots of trails to walk along throughout the area, so there is so much to do during the whole day. We found this trail with such lovely trees.





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