Crooked Spire



The Crooked Spire is a new coffee house with an urban vibe. I had been here a couple of months ago after a friend recommended it to me. It used to be a run down area but has now turned into a popular coffee shop in the  heart of midland. Not only do they serve incredible coffee but it is also an innovative place, selling art work and other amazing drinks like juices and healthy meals.

I went there this morning for a coffee while I had a spare moment and it was great. We ordered a cappuccino, hot chocolate, a brownie and a berry friand. I have stopped drinking coffee lately, I’m not exactly sure why. But I have been drinking tea way more as a substitute. So the cappuccino today made me realise how long it had been since I had a nice coffee. It was perfect.

I love the ambiance at the Crooked Spire and the staff were so lovely as well. It’s a really interesting place with such a mix of people; from the business people around Midland coming in for a coffee, to the young adults checking out the new hip coffee shop or even just parents coming in with their little children. I always think it’s nice to support the small and local businesses, especially when they have such a good character and high quality food and coffee. I would definitely recommend trying out the Crooked Spire.