Dessert With a View


It was date night and no meal is complete without some dessert. Well not for me at least.

Adrian and I had been out that evening and on a whim, we decided to get some dessert on the way home. Whilst driving past the Crown, it was the perfect decision.

We went to Bistro Guillaume, which is one of Adrian’s favourite restaurants. I had never been there before so I was super excited.

Luckily, we got a table outside with this most gorgeous view of the pool and the new Crown Tower. It was a perfect spring evening. I ordered the watermelon granita with summer berries and coconut and it was soo refreshing. Adrian ordered a vanilla creme brûlée with apples and these cute little doughnuts and of course coffee!

It was honestly the best dessert I’ve ever had and the evening was one of many favourite memories ❤