L’oreal Face Mask




It was quite a hectic morning. I woke up so early which seems weird for me. I do enjoy my sleepins. So today consisted of cleaning the house, grocery shopping and also buying Christmas presents, which has come by incredibly fast.
I quickly popped into Priceline to get some things, as always, and I noticed they had the new face clay masks by L’oreal in store. I’ve heard so many good things about these masks and apparently they work really well. Out of the three, I picked the purifying and mattifying mask with eucalyptus. It helps with making the skin more matte, clear and smoother which definitely attracted my attention.
  I came home and tried it. I left it on for about 10 minutes. The mask has a lovely fresh eucalyptus scent and it tingles upon application on the skin. After a few minutes, like all clay masks it starts to harden up. It felt so strange though because I could not smile or make any facial expressions haha!
I am most impressed with this mask by L’oreal and I really do want to try out the other two; the red algae mask and the charcoal mask. My skin certainly feels much softer and refreshed. A new favourite of mine!