Sunset at the Beach



So after watching the sunrise yesterday morning, we had Christmas breakfast and it was so yummy. We had a typical Aussie breakfast. We all talked for ages and caught up on everything and soon realised how tired we were. There was a lot of plan making about what we’re going to do with our cousins for the next few weeks. My sister also gave me her Christmas present and it was so cute. She got me a Pandora charm to take with me while I’m away in Hong Kong.
We rested up for a while and then decided to head out to the beach. What better way to show our cousins the Australian life, other than to go to the beach. The water was perfect and we swam for ages, had dinner on the beach and got to see this incredible sunset. It felt like we had crammed in two days into one, being able to watch both the sunrise and the sunset.
The drove around for a while too and went and saw Christmas lights before we headed home. It was the perfect Christmas Day.