Chasing Waterfalls





















So today I woke up super early, I couldn’t sleep for some reason. I think I was really stressed about getting things organised for Hong Kong. So I got up and made lots of phone calls and got things organised, which made me feel a whole lot better. We were tossing up whether to go to the Lesmurdie Falls today and the weather was looking perfect so we thought it would be a good day for it!
We left home around midday after running some errands and packing things and made our way there. We might have um missed a turning there and according to dad were were 18 mins late, but that was so not the case. So it turned into a little joke for the day.
We got there and ate lunch because we were starving and we saw a numbat. If you read my older blog posts, you’ll know I have been to Lesmurdie Falls during the winter and I also saw a numbat last time! So I led the way to the waterfall and because it was summer, there wasn’t as much water, but it was still so pretty and it was a lovely day. We took lots of pictures, and dabbed too.
Last time I came, i never trekked down to the bottom of the waterfall. So we decided to do that with my cousins today. Obviously going down was so easy but we were all regretting the time we had to climb up all those stairs! But it was so nice, we found lots of little creeks and pools, with crystal clear water. We got to the foot of the falls and took soo many pictures, that you can see and we climbed all the rocks in the surrounding area. It was such good fun. On the way back, Shilu, mum and Palavi found another smaller trekking path, which they decided to climb up along the cliff sides to the top and it looked so dangerous. I decided to take the safer path with dad and Paras, which was so tough to walk back and were puffed by the end of that. They did beat us back to the top though 😦
So we drove home and tried to race the parents home, and we won, obviously. We cranked all the tunes and it was such a lovely day. Shoutout to DJ Shil. As for now, were watching a movie and relaxing. And then we are all going to freshen up and go out for dinner this evening.