Perth City








So yesterday after Mini Golf, we headed straight into the city and met Adrian there. We were so hungry and we all devoured some delicious KFC. We then walked around and did some shopping. The boys got their super fancy outfits for NYE and I got so excited to get a new dress too, so we shopped around and I picked out a dress which Adrian so kindly got for me. Im so excited to wear it tonight. After walking around for ages and all we all thought it was time for a drink. We were going to go to the Aviary so we walked down to go there and found an amazing alley way where the bars and pubs were so incredible. They all had such good music and there were cute fairy lights too.

We went to a place called The Globe and we order Gin and Tonics, an Espresso Martini, lemon lime bitters and a mojito. It was sooo good. We then decided to go see the sunset at Kings Park and Shilu came up with an instagram competition, that the person who takes the photo with the highest likes on Instagram of Kings Park would be the real MVP. So it was game on!. Currently me and Palavi are on a tie.

We then drove to the Crown Casino and the boys had a little gamble and we also went to the new Crown Towers, which is so nice. I’m so impressed by the new Tower and its so nice to have a place like that to visit in Perth. And after that it was already so late, so we came home, had dinner and went to bed. So it was one crazy hectic day but it was a whole lot of fun.