Adventuring in Mong Kok



Today was a lot less hectic in comparison to the past few of arriving in Hong Kong. We relaxed in our rooms for most of the morning, since we all had quite a big night yesterday in Mong Kok. We were really excited to try out ice skating near the mall close to the uni. So we walked over in a group but decided to get some lunch first. I was so hungry. During that time, the ice rink had become so busy with lots of little kids having lessons, so we decided to go shopping. I packed really badly for Hong Kong. Not only did I not pack enough things, but I also packed for extreme winter; but winter in Hong Kong is actually quite warm. So I got quite a heap of things, which was great.

We then had to go to an orientation seminar type of thing, which made us so tired. This meant going back to our rooms and relaxing for some time. Again, I was so so so hungry. We went back to Mong Kok for dinner, which i actually found out is the most densely populated location in the whole world. There are about 130,000 people per km2. How crazy is that?! We also got an Octopus Card, which makes travelling on buses and trains so much easier.

Mong Kok was just as busy was yesterday. We walked around for a while and saw a typically asian restaurant, where no english was spoken and it looked really authentic. So thats where we had dinner and it was delicious. Now, time for some sleep πŸ™‚