Today was one of the best days I’ve had! We started off getting breakfast and we met someone who is also on a student exchange from Canada so we all had breakfast. We then had a lot of registration things to get through and also a campus tour so that was quite interesting. We went back to our rooms and relaxed, took it easy and then decided to get some lunch too. Walking around today, we stumbled upon a roof top garden and it was so pretty. One of the amazing things about Hong Kong is that there are tall, massive buildings everywhere, but there are also green and well maintained pockets of greenery everywhere and a balance between the two is just the best.
Getting a sim card was stressing me out so that was on the to do list today. I got a sim card for sooo cheap compared to Australian sim cards and we have unlimited internet, which is actually the best thing ever.
So then comes the fun part. We found out that there was an event on tonight for the students at the hall to go get dinner at Mr Wong and then head out to the races. So we were so excited, we got ready in literally less than half an hour and we were ready to head out! It was nice to dress up and do something spontaneous and we all enjoyed it sooo much. AHH! We had heaps of beers at the restaurant, where we were taken out the back and we had a long table set up for about 50 of us. And we all talked, and ate amazing Asian food with chopsticks and talked with everyone from different countries and different stories. It was incredible. So some of us decided to go around walking in the busy, bright streets of Mong Kok to some bars instead of going to the races and it was the best decision. We walked around and drank and laughed and it was the best fun. I’m so glad we went out and had a night out in Hong Kong. It truly is a city like no other.