Some more running around in Hong Kong








Today was another hectic day of running around the city and getting lots of things sorted. We had an orientation meeting this morning, which felt like what was hours. Lunch could not have come sooner and we were so hungry. It turns out the sim cards we got were actually not that useful and the data only lasted us like a few days, so we went into Mong Kok East on the train and got our sim cards all sorted. We also had to get our Octopus Card today, so we got all our photos and forms filled out. So it was actually quite a successful day. All thats left now is for me to get a router in my room so I can finally use wifi in my dorm.

After all that, we went back to our rooms to get ready. We were meant to go get sushi, which then turned into going back to Mr Wong’s for dinner, but there were soo many of us. So Emily, Clementine, Adam and I went to Cali-Mex Taqueria for some Mexican of course and it was delicious. It was quite nice to have something non-asian after a while!

We also got some ice-cream from the streets and they had blueberry ice-cream, which is now officially my favourite. It was sooooo yummy I am definitely getting some more whenever I can. Everyone else is continuing their night, but Emily and I are going on a tour tomorrow for the whole day to see the Big Buddha, Ngong Ping Village and Tai O Village. We also get to go on a boat tour to see some white dolphins, so I am soo excited. There’ll be plenty of pictures about that tomorrow!