Tai O Fishing Village









Yesterday, we also went to a traditional fishing village called Tai O on Lantau Island. It was so authentic and traditional. There were small little shops everywhere amongst the homes of the shop owners. Nobody spoke English and it smelt like seafood everywhere! We started off by going on a boat ride to see white dolphins, which was an experience like no other! I hadn’t even dreamed of ever seeing white dolphins, and especially not in Hong Kong. We went on a speed boat out into the water and we saw a few of them. They were so cute. I could’t get any photos because they were such sneaky dolphins, but Emily has them on video which is great. We got lucky being able to see the dolphins, not all the boats what went out were able to see them.

After that, we went to a little shop and they had organised a lunch for all of us that went on the tour. Some food was typically delicious, but we also tried some crazy things, like an egg and corn soup and a rice pudding type of dessert; which was delicious!

We walked around the village for ages. We were able to go into the village temple, where all the decorations and structures were over 500 years old. It was amazing. There was the Tai O Heritage Hotel as well and we walked up the hill to the Hotel and the views were amazing. I am still in awe of all that I got to experience yesterday. From the Big Buddha and the temples in Ngong Ping to the small and traditional market places of Tai O. Authentic experiences like these are simply priceless.