First Day of Uni










Today was the first day of Uni in Hong Kong. I was really looking forward to it actually, the units we have decided to do all look really interesting. We had class at 12, which is such a late start, but I am not complaining πŸ˜› I just relaxed this morning, and got some things organised for class and got some coffee before class, which was meant to be three hours, but turned into being only one hour since it was the first week. We then got lunch and went to sign up for a tour to Lama Island for this Saturday, which I am really excited for. It looks like amazing fun and it’ll be great to explore more of Hong Kong.

While walking back, we found another garden and relaxing area of the uni which was so peaceful. There were mini waterfalls and sitting areas. I love that Hong Kong has so much greenery everywhere; it makes everything seem so pretty and aesthetic. And we also walked past the turtles and we saw small little Larry casually having a plank, which I though was quite funny. For now, we are just going to relax again and I think I’ll go watch a nice movie before we head out for dinner tonight πŸ™‚