Learning How To Speak Mandarin






Mandarin class was so interesting! We had a class full of international students from all over the world, doing the introductory Mandarin lessons. We pronounced lots of tones and other words. And most importantly, we learnt how to say hungry. What else is more important πŸ˜›

The lesson went so quick. We then also got a textbook and workbook for the class, which I think will be really helpful.

I still needed to buy a wifi router so we caught the train to Sham Shui Po and went to this crazy computer world, where it seemed they had everything technology related. I got my router and then we went to another shopping mall, where Clem and I found an amazing bakery and cake place so we had to go there. We got a berry tart and a strawberry scroll cake and it was amazing!!!

We came back to uni and relaxed and had dinner at the university bistro. As for day, I have two classes, one of them is Mandarin so I am excited for that!



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  1. Finally I decided to actually study Mandarin after dreaming for it my whole 25 years of existence. I just attended my 2nd class and it’s amazing! Good luck to your new endeavor!


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