Discovering More of Hong Kong












So yesterday was quite a crazy day. Not in terms of doing lots of things, but just receiving some exciting news, which at first was a mix of an overwhelming feeling but still so amazing. Hopefully it all works and I’ll be able to share what I found out!

We went to the main island of Hong Kong, as a bit of a change from going to Mong Kok for dinner. And oh boy was it a whole different side to Hong Kong. There were so many fancy shops and designer stores. And it makes sense, we were quite literally in the Times Square of Hong Kong. It was such a nice experience, especially in contrast to Mong Kok. Both very busy and popular locations of Hong Kong, but two very different areas at the same time. I was not feeling too great so Clem and I decided to just go get some food nearby and we walked into this Vietnamese place where we were seated upstairs and the roof was so so low. Clem could barely even stand straight so that was quite funny. We ordered so much food, we were starving and it was delicious.

We decided to venture off to find some frozen yoghurt and stumbled across a very very cool games arcade in the shopping mall. It felt like we were little kids again. The froyo was great, but they only had two flavours compared to back home. But I don’t think I could ever say I have had the original flavour so it was nice to try.