Good Times, Good Times









Yesterday, I had class like normal and after that we went out to Mong Kok for dinner. I swear that place just feels like home. We’re always there. But the best part about it is that there are always new places to eat and different things to try. So we had dinner at some restaurant that I don’t even know the name of. I need to start taking note of that haha. But dinner was interesting. Clem and I had to swap dishes because I liked hers more and she liked mine, which worked out well.

We went out for drinks after that at the uni, where we went to this park and the boys were loving the playground rides. It was such a good laugh. We stayed out and played King’s Cup and the racing one too. I think its called Horse Race?? I have no idea haha.

I have had a massive sleep in today, which has been nice after the crazy week of being in Hong Kong. Its so cold here now, so I’m thinking some tea and a movie will be nice.

Tomorrow, we have another big day planned. We are off to Lama Island to go do some sight seeing and hiking. It’ll be lots of walking around, going to a temple, going to a cave on a boat and some other things. So there’ll be lots of pictures about tomorrow. I can’t wait.