The Best Sushi Experience












Yesterday we had class which was really good! It was all about the rapid development and economic boom of China and also a bit on the architecture of certain main buildings in the cities. Really liked that class. After that we had to go to the post office in Shek Kip Mei, just near the uni but it felt like a totally different area. Everything was so authentic and the whole place was filled with locals only. So we really stood out there. We also walked through a market, selling all sorts of fruits, vegetables and pretty much everything else.

We have been meaning to go to Sushi One for dinner for such a long time now! So we finally made it and oh my god, I was so amazed. It was really the best sushi I have EVER had. There were probably around 100 different types of sushi and meats and sea food to choose from, so it was really exciting choosing that. We were given an order form and we have to tick through how many quantities of each item we wanted. So different to any restaurant I have ever been to. And the place itself was actually so fancy. We ordered so much food and it was great and they have the best drinks there too! I had a lychee mojito. All the sushi was amazing, but I think my absolute favourite was the mango shrimp sushi, covered in thin cucumber. It was so fresh and yummy.