The Craziest Restaurant I’ve Ever Been To!








So the other day we stumbled across this crazy and out of the world idea restaurant called Mr. Iron Captain Kim Korean BBQ Restaurant. And it was such an insane experience. We walked past thinking the statue was an Asian Captain America, only to then realise that it was actually Kim Jong Un as Captain America. We walked past and thought it would be a good laugh to get some pictures and we actually ended up eating there too! The food was great. The boys ordered BBQ food that was cooked right in front of us, which was nice. And the girls and I had some normal food haha.

The restaurant is located in the Plaza Hollywood Shopping Mall, right near the Diamond Hill Train Stop. Everything in the restaurant was Korean themed. The music and the decorations, and of course all the pictures on the walls were of Kim Jong Un. I guess all I can say is that it was such a weird yet amazing experience.