Reed Diffusers


So here is the reed diffusers that I got yesterday from Francfranc, and oh my god does it smell amazing! I didn’t realise how nice it was in the shop yesterday, probably because I was overwhelmed by all the other scents and homeware items that were there. But I’m so glad with the one I picked. It’s called tea rose. I literally couldn’t fall asleep last night due to how nice the scent is haha πŸ˜›

Back home I used to have a rose gold one with an apricot scent, which was one of my favourites. And all I remember about is that I always kept spilling it on my dressing table. It happened so often haha. So I am going to try my very best to not do the same with this new one.

I’m thinking I need to go buy some more while I’m here in Hong Kong.

Great little find I say πŸ˜›