Another Day Another Hike










Today I went on another hike with Emily and Brodie. This time it was a hike again to Victoria Peak. We had a little bit of a sleep in this morning and met in Central Hong Kong to catch the tram to the peak. We waited in line for a while and then got onto a really crammed tram, which was a little crazy because it was so steep! It was already lunch time by the time we got there, so we had a sneaky burger king lunch which was so yummy and then it was straight to burning off that lunch by hiking to the top of Mount High West.

It was a really nice day and the weather was warm, after so long. But it was still really cloudy and overcast over Hong Kong, so the view wasn’t as great. But thats okay cause we still had a nice hike. We stayed up there for a while and rested and enjoyed the view.

Hiking down was the easiest thing, which it always is haha. But going down so so so many stairs made us all have jelly legs and that was hilarious. My legs are going to be in so much pain tomorrow :O Hope you enjoy the pictures!



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    1. Hong Kong is amazing! It was just foggy yesterday, it is winter here at the moment, so some days are very cloudy, but some days are amazingly clear
      You should definitely visit Hong Kong. I have been here for the past month so you can check out everything I have been doing on my blog! πŸ™‚

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