One of the coolest things about Hong Kong is that there are amazing terrariums everywhere! In all these cute little shops and markets. All of them have different little worlds in them, with water, rivers, ponds or gardens and a lot of them even have little characters in them! We found these terrariums at the markets in Causeway Bay and I had to take some pictures of them.

There were actually so many I was amazed! And all of them had really nice glass around them, all differently shaped. Some round, some that could hang off a frame and others shaped like light bulbs. Adrian had bought me one that day and I keep it in my room. It’s one of the hanging ones, with two little characters in it and a little garden with a pond. It adds a nice little touch of greenery and life into my university dorm. I think I want to get more of these! If only they were so easy to buy in Perth too.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.