A Lovely Morning in Central Hong Kong





Today I woke up so early, which I haven’t done in so long haha. Since being here in Hong Kong, for the past month I don’t think I’ve really had to get out of bed before 9 πŸ˜› So I guess you could say it was a real struggle this morning. Emily and I went to Central Hong Kong on the MTR to apply for our visas to China. We are going there for two days for a field assignment from uni next month which will be really good fun, and interesting too!

It was such a nice morning I think, and after so long the weather is getting better. It’s been so so so cold and chilly here, but today was absolutely perfect. We walked around trying to look for the application place, took the wrong way quite a few times, and after asking people for help we finally found it. Going early in the morning was a great idea so that we didn’t have to wait in a long queue. After that we got some breakfast and a nice cup of tea. Which is always perfect.

On Friday’s we do not have class, so we had the whole day to just walk around and explore. We decided to do some wandering around Central and then walked all the way to Causeway Bay, which is one of my favourite places in Hong Kong. I really like it there. And after so so much walking and shopping, we made it back to uni and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. Now I’m super tired and I think its time for some well deserved sleep haha πŸ˜›