A Gloomy Day in Hong Kong







It was a really gloomy day here in Hong Kong today. There was lots of fog and it was pretty cold actually. We had to go collect our visas today so that has been all sorted for our field trip next month. We left early in the morning again, but the trains were so packed it was ridiculously hectic. I was shocked!
We then went to Central again and got our visas sorted. We also saw people doing yoga or tai chi in the park. They all looked like they knew what they were doing hahah. We took a tai chi class in our first week of uni and we were terrible. Oops πŸ˜› I really felt like getting something warm to drink so we went and got coffees and teas from Pacific, which was perfect. We walked around for the rest of the morning and saw the harbour and went to the exhibition and convention centre by the water. Clem then wanted to get some Burger King, so we also went and got some sneaky burgers and nuggets from a really nice shopping centre.
And now I am back at uni, I have been working on assignments all afternoon which was good to get out of the way. I feel like this day has been so long and we’ve done lots, but I think its just because we woke up early; way earlier that usual πŸ˜›