A Walk Along Victoria Harbour





The other day when we went and looked at the puppies, we went and walked along Victoria Harbour, which was really lovely. It was a really cold day and I normally get super cold hands even when the weather is fine. Sooo on this day, my hands had gone completely white and I could barely even take pictures haha. I know, I should have worn some gloves or something! πŸ˜›

But the walk was really nice. There were not many people around and it was super chill. We also walked past the Hong Kong Observatory Wheel, which was really pretty on the day. Did you know for a VIP one you get leather seats and a crystallised floor? How cool is that!!

As for today, we had Β Mandarin class and we have another test next week so I better start studying for that. I feel like the class has gotten so intense the past few weeks and it really requires effort to keep up with it all, but I am really enjoying the unit.

Hope you like the pictures!!!