Time Flies By So Fast

Hey everyone! So its been two months of being here in Hong Kong and the time has flown by. I almost can’t believe it myself how quickly the two months went. We have done lots, seen lots and met so many people. It was been truly amazing. It feels like the other day that we got to this incredible city, and even today, we are finding so many new things and still exploring.

As for today, we had class where we had to do a role play and make a business profile. We then have a Mandarin class this evening. After that, we’re thinking of going to Mr. Wong’s for dinner and maybe even some karaoke? We’ll see. Maybe I’lll take some pictures on my phone this evening and blog about it.

This picture in the blog was taken over the weekend? Isn’t it really cool. Reminds me of a scene of Batman or something like that haha πŸ˜› I hope you are all having a really lovely day πŸ™‚