Che Kung Temple







Today was a super busy day and quite a sad one too. Emily has gone off to Vietnam and Clem is returning home. So it was hard to say bye to them, since we have spent pretty much every day together for the past few months!

After this morning, I decided to go exploring for a while. I thought I would visit this temple in Tai Wai. I could not take many pictures from inside the main temple, but here are the pictures from the outer temple. Che Kung was known to have successfully impressed the Song Dynasty’s last emperor and he was revered as a god. It was really nice to see so many people offering their prayers and brining food and incense sticks.
Also, it was so nice to see all the small colourful windmills. They are known to bring good luck if you spin them three times. There were so many of them and they looked incredible.
Anyway I hope you enjoy the pictures. I had done lots of other things today as well, so I will be uploading blogs for all of those things too.