The Alchemist Cafe









Today I also went to this amazing cafe in Tai Wai called The Alchemist Cafe. I walked past in and I knew i had to go in and check it out. It was absolutely amazing. I think I just had the best coffee of my life there today. There was so much on the menu, and it was all western food, which made me incredibly happy after having to eat Asian food for so long! I had a smoked salmon caesar salad and a cappuccino. Which was really delicious! The salmon as cooked perfectly and it came out all rolled in a cute flower. It was great.

The ambiance of the cafe was amazing too. I almost had to ask the manager what music they had playing over the speakers because it sounded so much like Passenger and i love that kind of music! I sat there for ages and just looked around and drank my coffee. There were amazing pretty lights and colourful paintings on the walls! I was very impressed. And they also had a reading area, which some mimicked fake grass and lounge chairs for people to relax and unwind. They had lots of books like the lonely planet guides for all different types of countries, and they had so many of them! I think I definitely want to go back there again if I have the time. They days are going by so fast!