My Student Exchange Experience

And after a long four months, I am finally back home in Perth. But of course, I had to post one last blog all about my experience in the beautiful city of Hong Kong!

First of all, can I just say how hard it was to find a perfect day to go up to the peak in Hong Kong to take a good photo of all the skyscrapers and the skyline! Well, this was last week, and some friends and I had been exploring during the day around Kowloon. The weather was looking amazingly clear and so on a whim, we decided to go and check out the peak and the views from up there! It was honestly the best decision and I fell more in love with Hong Kong that day and the beauty of this incredible city that I was able to cal home for the past few months.

I made so many friends and made so many incredible memories, all that I will cherish for life. I am so lucky to be able to have had this experience, one that not all people are able to carry out. I had known about this exchange and that I was going for over a year, and during that year, each day got closer and closer, making me even more worried about leaving home and going to live and study overseas. I am not going to lie, the first few weeks were so hard and there were times during the semester where I really did miss home and my family and friends. I missed the lifestyle and the beauty of Perth, I missed being able to drive wherever I wanted and I missed the ease and ability of doing anything I wanted.

But Hong Kong taught me a lot too. Most of all I think, I learnt not to stress about anything that I cannot control, or not to worry about things far in the future; but rather to appreciate the now and live without too much stress of what I cannot control. I think that learning this early in the beginning made the experience so much nicer. I was able to go out more and explore, find new places and things to do, without having too much anxiety and worry.

I learnt so much at university too, and especially in the perspective of Asian countries, and most particularly, China. It was nice to have this different way of teaching and learning, compared to Perth. I also learnt some Mandarin, which was really handy and interesting to learn too. So theres another language I can add to my list of others. I only did a semester of Mandarin, but I really enjoyed it and I think I really want to continue learning it.

My experience also showed my how much I really do enjoy blogging, and even as I am writing this, it almost feels therapeutic and so enjoyable. I feel so lucky, that in maybe a year or even ten, I can come back to this blog and look at all the pictures, and the memories behind each one and remember all the good times spent with the people in Hong Kong.

It was so worthwhile and honestly, I was so sad when I was on the plane back to come home. I had learnt to appreciate everything Hong Kong had to offer. All the new cultures and traditions of the society, the hustle and bustle of the crowds, the city lifestyle and so much more. But it is so nice to be back home, especially with all the peace and quiet, and oh all the incredible sunsets. I’ve missed those!

I am excited to continue my blogs and share all the hidden treasures and my experiences back home in Perth.