An Easter Egg Hunt








My first ever Easter Egg Hunt.

So this year I spent Easter in Hong Kong. The whole day I had to keep reminding myself that I needed to at least buy one little Egg to celebrate Easter. The whole day went buy and I was so busy exploring and wandering around, I didnt even get a chance to buy one! By the time I returned to university that night, all the shops had closed, and there was no easter eggs to be found. Sad times, I know.

I have also never had an easter egg hunt actually, which is bizarre haha. Soooo, when I arrived home, Adrian organised an easter egg hunt for me, not only filled with lots of chocolate bunnies and eggs, but also my birthday presents, which was the best combination and also the best Easter Egg hunt I could possibly ask for. It was so adorable. There were little notes on all my presents, which were hints for where the next present and easter eggs were to be found. It was adorable โค My basket was filled with gorgeous pandora charms and delicious chocolate.

Hope you enjoy all the pictures.