Morning View

This was my incredible morning view yesterday, when the sun was out and shining so bright. Unlike today, which was such a typical cold winters morning, only making me long my bed and a hot cup of tea more than usual!

While I was getting ready, I looked out at this amazing sunrise and I knew I had to snap a picture. I have been MIA from the blog for a while now actually. I have been working full time during the week in the city, and by the time I leave for work in the morning and come back late in the evenings, there’s hardly any time left of the day, let alone time to sit down and blog. So today I finished work early, and here I am. Work experience has been amazing. I feel like I have learnt so much already in the past four weeks and I am going to be quite sad to finish this Friday. I feel like I have gotten into a routine of going to work everyday too. The people have been amazing too and the things I get to do are always so interesting and make the days go so quick.

So yesterday I also took my camera into the city and snapped some pictures in the city, so there will be plenty of photos to come of tiny little Perth CBD.

Hope you enjoy,