Colourful Winter’s Day


So yesterday was my last day of the internship, which was really emotional. I took everyone lots of cinnamon donuts, which were devoured by the whole office. It was so sad to say bye, especially because I enjoyed it so much and the whole team was so lovely to me and made me feel so welcome. The work I did was also interesting, and my mentor always made sure to change it up for me by taking me along to site visits and meetings too. I’m really going to miss going to work there everyday.

After morning tea, I just packed up some of my stuff and left early for the day. I don’t exactly venture out into the city very often, so I decided that while I was already there that I should go out for a little walk. The Perth City has this awesome umbrella display on in the Hay Street Mall. Which was actually a big hit amongst all the people around the city. When I got to the umbrellas, there were already lots of people taking pictures. So I decided to snap a few too and share them on here!

It was really pretty and added so much colour and brightness to what was already such a lovely sunny winter day. I am really curious to see what the umbrellas look like at night!

As for today, I have just come back from work at IGA and had lunch. This week has really drained me so I think its time for a little afternoon nap πŸ˜›

I hope you’re all having an amazing weekend.