The Little Pantry




How amazing do these pancakes look?!

Adrian and I went to The Little Pantry a couple of weeks ago, and it was honestly so amazing! We had been out running some errands and we were both starving. Unfortunately for me, I had to be vegetarian at the time and luckily we made it just in time before they stopped serving the breakfast menu. We were able to order the most delicious pancakes and house made muesli.

I had actually heard a lot of amazing reviews about this place and I am so so glad that we tried it out! As for what we exactly ordered; We had black forrest pancakes with cherries, Belgian chocolate and mascarpone. They had to be the fluffiest and most flavoursome pancakes I have ever tasted. And we also got some bircher muesli with grated apple, coconut, orange juice and a mixed berry compote which gave it the most amazing flavours. I have been loving chai teas and they had one on the menu there, which of course I ordered! The chai had really nice spices, and it was maybe one of the nicer ones I have tried off late.

I would really recommend this place, if you are ever around Subiaco. It is definitely worth it. I might try the lunch menu next time I think πŸ™‚