Spring in the City



Doesn’t Spring time feel so amazing? The fresh air, blooming flowers and open blue skies. Its a feeling of new beginnings and fresh starts. A time to go achieve all those goals and kick ass.

So remember those  photos I posted of the pretty umbrella’s on A Colourful Winters Day? Well, those winter umbrellas are now gone, and these gorgeous spring flowers are now up for display in the Hay Street Mall in Perth City. I was meaning to go and have a look for quite a while, and I thought it would be perfect to go on Monday, while the weather was so lovely and the sun was out. I made it there quite late actually, which made for a perfect evening with the sun going down, creating a lovely hue over the tall city buildings. So if you’re around the City, I’d definitely recommend to go and have a look at these flowers and snap a picture too!