Slate Cafe, Bennet Springs








The other week, Henna and I went to Slate Cafe in Bennet Springs. I had heard such amazing things about the place since it had opened. And everyone that I spoke to that had been there said the food was amazing. I looked at the menu before going there and my mind was set on getting the french toast! All the photos looked amazing and it tasted even better.

The cafe was super close to where we live, which is always so handy considering we’re always so far away from all the nice cafes. There were lots of young families because the venue caters for young children with lots of activities for them to do and toys to play with. I was really impressed!

The food tasted amazing actually. I always prefer pancakes for breakfast but the french toast was absolutely divine! So if you’re looking for a new and somewhat quirky cafe to go to in the Swan Valley, definitely check out Slate Cafe.

Hope you enjoy.