Lip Lab Perth











So this was the best surprise ever! Courtesy of Emily and Adrian. They know me so well and they picked a surprise idea that I loved so much. I had no idea what to expect on the day, so I just went with the flow. To be honest, I thought we were going diving with the sharks, but really I’m glad it was this instead πŸ˜›Β I didnt even know that there was a Lip Lab in Perth, let alone in Australia! I had watched some vlogs of YouTubers going to similar Lip Labs in America and I always thought it was such a good idea.

It was so funny actually, the night before we went to the Lip Lab, I was complaining about how difficult it is to find the perfect nude lipstick for an everyday wear. And low and behold, I got to pick the colour myself!

Adrian came and supervised and gave us some great advice, whereas Emily and I got our lipsticks mixed and we also got to pick our foundations mixed. I was so surprised that they even did foundation matching and making there! Earlier that day, Emily and I also got our nails done. I got a nice Christmassy Red and Emily got a gorgeous silver nail colour. When we were there, I picked mine so fast and Emily took ages. This was the total Β  opposite with mixing the lipsticks later the afternoon. I had to re-mix mine quite a few times but I am sooo happy with the end result!

The foundation mixing was really interesting too. They allow for different mixes, different finishes and there’s so many things that you can add to the foundations too for your particular skin type and condition. Which is really impressive. It really is the perfect foundation. I actually only wear mineral powder foundation on a day to day basis, but its really nice to have a nice, breathable light foundation that I can add to my collection and they colour matched me perfectly!

As for the lipstick, we could add scents to the lipstick too and I chose a scent called exotic spice, which smells amazing. And Emily and I both added lip plumpers to ours. And we loved the finished outcome. It was such a great day of getting spoilt and pampered. And we finished off the day celebrating an early Christmas dinner that was so delicious!

Hope you enjoy

Merry Christmas