Yesterday, Henna and I went to Mason Saint Honore, on Benara Road in the Swan Valley. I drive past there everyday when I go to work experience and I have always thought that I really do need go to there at some point. Quite a few people had said that the food and drinks were really good there.

It is actually French and they have delicious cakes, macaroons and croissants of course! We went there for lunch and ended up having breakfast foods of course, because breakfasts are always delicious. We both really wanted the smashed avocado but they had run out of avocados for the day. Never mind, that means we’ll have to make another trip there for some. A few people had ordered that already and it looked amazing!

I had the granola banana split with yogurt and honey and it was so good! There were delicious pieces of dark and milk chocolate, as well as juicy cranberries in the granola and I was obsessed! Henna had a lemon meringue croissant. I tried a little bit of hers and it was super yummy. It wasn’t too sour or too sweet either, just perfect!

Safe to say we’ll definitely be visiting there again soon for some more food. They had an amazing outdoor seating area, as well as indoors. The whole vibe of the place was awesome. It was modern and industrial at the same time.

On our way out I bought my sister a nutella macaroon. They had so so many varieties of macaroons actually. I couldn’t decide!

If you’re ever looking for somewhere to eat some delicious food, this is the place!

Hope you enjoy!