Summer’s Evening in the Park








How beautiful are these photos from the park on a summer’s evening. It was such a nice day the other week when I was driving home and I had decided I really wanted to go for walk. So I had a shower and went for a nice evening stroll and it was so so so lovely out in the park. There were lots of people out too and the sunset of course was absolutely amazing! So I thought I’d share some photos of what it looked like that evening.

As for this week, its going to be a really hectic week. I have had work experience today, which was such a successful day. I really enjoyed it. And I also have an assignment to do this week, lots of other uni things, going to work of course and the usual 500 things that tend to pop up too hehe πŸ˜›

Hope you enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Summer’s Evening in the Park

    1. Thank you Jay! Well i am definitely not a morning person, so sunrises are rare
      BUT i do make up for it by having a fair share of some amazing Australian sunsets hehe πŸ˜›


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